Blanchland Chimneys by Neil Aiston
Blanchland Chimneys by Neil Aiston

A bit about this site

I came to live near Blanchland in 2003 from Newcastle upon Tyne, and became fascinated by its history, the people who have lived and worked here and the heritage they have left behind them.

I collected information and photographs from all kinds of people, living locally and half way around the world, with the aim of discovering and sharing Blanchland's past. Because I am soon to be moving out of the area, no further information will be added to the website, but it will stay online as a resource for future researchers.

Because Blanchland and the small village of Hunstanworth are just two miles apart, many of their stories overlap and intertwine, and for that reason the two history websites share some common pages. Choosing certain pages, you might find yourself whisked off to the Hunstanworth website; to return to the Blanchland site, simply use your 'Back' button or click on the 'Blanchland' button in the top right corner of the screen.

The site is intended to develop slowly over time; I'd welcome any constructive comments from people looking in!

Blanchland is actually in Northumberland, but two of the roads leading out of the village take you into County Durham. It's about 25 miles south-west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the same distance west of Durham City. The nearest major road is the A68, seven miles to the east of the village.

Here's a map

Blanchland is situated within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.